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Cowley Road exploration from the Summer

Cowley Road in East Oxford is a vibrant, busy place.  There are a variety of  shops ranging from world food to fashion. Dotted along the road there are also many bars and restaurants, which I have been working my way through 🙂

I decided to have a charity/vintage shop exploration and firstly visited the best charity shop, Oxfam (cough, cough…), Sue Ryder, Barnardos and Helen Douglas House. I also took a nose around Indigo ethical store, the Ballroom Emporium and Reign Vintage.

The Ballroom Emporium is at at the top of Cowley Road on the Plain and although a bit pricey its a very interesting place to look around.

I found these really cool sunglasses:

And I loved this magnifier!

Charlotte my house mate bought this very pretty vintage dress:

I then took a look around Indigo ethical store, the lady who runs the shop was very nice and offered some great contacts for my job.

After a busy day shopping along the road we just had to stop at the best ice cream parlour, G&D’s for a scoop or three!

There are also a lot of independent food shops on Cowley Road and outside the butchers I love this statue!

On the way home I came across my dream car – the Nissan Figaro *want*

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos from my little day out

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