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Oh so not vintage but fab! John Lewis celebrates 150 years

Now I know these items are not vintage but I could not help put pen to paper… well finger to keyboard, to show off these fab creations.

John Lewis is celebrating its 150th year, and to mark it has collaborated with some of its current suppliers to create exclusive products. Some of them resurrecting special edition prints with a modern twist.

Lucienne Day was a British textile artist famed for her abstract and bright patterns. She was inspired by artists such as Kandinsky and Miró (two of my fave artists, I painted my GCSE canvas based on Miró #fact). I won’t bore you with my GCSE art projects but showcase these FAB tops featuring Lucienne Day prints.

Lucienne Day for John Lewis


Antoni & Alison’s bold and bright designs always catch my eye but check out these. They have sparkles, I’m a magpie it’s a win-win.


Antoni & Alison for #jl150


And, just for fun, check out these ah-maz-ing vintage-eqsue electricals. I have a mini Henry and Hetty hovers and so I fell in love with this ‘John’ and ‘Lewis’ pair. How great would it be if your name was John and you could buy the John hoover. No??.. just me then.

Now, I have an average fridge. It does the job but it isn’t a Smeg. I’ve always wanted a Smeg and now I’ve witnessed this ”Smeg FAB28RD Cummersdale Retro Fridge with Freezer Compartment, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, Citrine‘, as it’s so snappily called, I’ll never be satisfied until this is in my kitchen.

#jl150 electricals

I know, I know nothing is ‘vintage’ but heaven’s above it’s all beautiful. Cools down with a wine…..

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