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Vintage & charity shop snoop: Bristol

I love Bristol.

Sometimes when you arrive in a city you can just feel a buzz and Bristol, for me, is one of those places. I was visiting my friend Georgia for the weekend and having lived in Bristol since uni, she was a great tour guide!

There are soooo many vintage and charity shops and I think this must reflect the student and artistic side of the city. I spent the first few days with the team at Oxfam Books on Cotham Hill. They have a great selection of vinyl and some really cool comics (as well as music and lots of books, of course!) I picked up three recipe books, a book about the North for my Southern boyf, a Chuck Berry CD and volume two hits of the 60s. It had ‘ferry across the Mersey’ on it, so I couldn’t resist.

bristol 1

I then took a walk down Cotham Hill and peeked into some of the charity shops. For one street, there are lots to choose from and I obviously was drawn to the vintage-esque shops. I visited the St Peter’s Hospice, which was good but only had men’s clothes in. I then headed to the CLIC Sargent, which was amazing. It had a very local feel; with vinyl, vintage, seasonal wear and some homeware pieces dotted in between.

bristol 2

I took a few pieces to try on, sorry for the selfies! I thought the quality was great but they had lots of woolly jumpers and I would have liked to have seen some more summer pieces – especially as it was a super hot day.

bristol 3

bristol 4

bristol 5

After saying goodbye to Cotham Hill I headed back to my friend’s house for the evening. We got up early and in typical girl fashion took a few hours getting ready. We set 12 as the target and think 12.15 we left – so not too bad!

We started at the top of Gloucester Road visiting Iota, a shop of full of quirky home accessories and gifts. It started at St Nicholas’ market and grew to be an independent boutique style shop.

bristol 6

Next up we headed to Marie Curie – it was half fashion, half clothes but I couldn’t find anything good. The St Peter’s on the road was ace, we found some cool summer items, a wedding dress and picked up this vintage red St Michael’s coat.

bristol 7

The CLIC Sargent on Gloucester Road is awesome, really quirky and full of vintage and upcycled gems. Here are some of my fave pieces. Isn’t the Kit Kat tea-pot great.

bristol 8

bristol 9

Repsycho is a full on vintage shop and reminded me of Jack and Danny’s in Bath. The first time I visited Bristol I remember this shop having a mini camper van in the window – and seven years later I don’t think much has changed! It had some great vintage sports wear, it was a shell suit heaven.

bristol 10

Last but not least was a visit to Cox and Baloney, a vintage inspired shop and tea cafe. It was so pretty and quaint and had some great vintage re-pro pieces. They also have their own brand of tea, which is quite cool.

bristol 11

We had a long hot day in the sun stopping off for some drinks along the way. There was a mini festival on in Stoke’s Croft so it was very busy and we finished off with a quick wine or three before heading home.

As I said at the beginning, I love Bristol, and it was great to revert back to being 15 again with my friend shopping and mooching on a Saturday – possibly our favourite hobby together 🙂 (but not good for the bank balance!)


Have you ever visited Bristol? – let me know your top shops.

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