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Charity shop snoop: Templars Square Shopping Centre

Templars Square Shopping Centre is based in Cowley, Oxford  – it’s certainly not the most attractive building in Oxford but it has an array of charity shops inside which is why I love it. It has the usual shopping centre sites such as Wilkinsons (love it!), Iceland and so on. It also has a Greggs bakery – I’m a sausage roll feind so I always make a stop.

First, I went to Sue Ryder and British Heart Foundation. Both shops are clean, bright and have a good array of different products. BHF has some great homewares and although not lots of vintage, I have found a gem or two in there before. Here’s BHF below.

bhf 1

Next stop was one of my fave vintage hunting shops – the Shaw Trust. The not-for-profit helps disabled people or those at disadvantage to find and sustain employment or enjoy more independent living. The shop is only small but I have found some great gems in here. The day I visited, I spotted an old label Dorothy Perkins shirt which I bought and some cool homewares.

shaw trust 1

shaw trust 2

Heading around the shopping centre I stopped off in Stokes, a local fruit and veg shop – I always love the smell in these shops.


Next up was Emmaus furniture shop, which supports the homeless. Although nationwide it has a base in Oxford and so it’s nice to know that some of the money from anything you buy will be spent locally. I found an old, dark wood wardrobe and a really cool Instamatic camera.


emmaus 2

The last stop was the PDSA and Age UK. I found a really pretty yellow vintage dress in the Age UK and the staff were really friendly. If you live in or around Oxford I would certainly recommend a visit to Templars for a charity shop snoop.



  1. I do like a good look around Cowley’s charity shops 🙂 There used to be a Helen & Douglas House (hospice) shop next to Emmaus but it closed down 🙁

    1. They are great aren’t they 🙂 there’s a H&D on the Cowley road but only small. x

  2. Aldo

    Charity shop snoop: Templars Square Shopping Centre | Vintage Oxford

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