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How many LBDs can one girl have? (part 2)

Continuing the last post, here are some of the other LBDs. These are less sequins and more pattern and as per usual with all my buys, they have a story to tell.

Little Black Dresses

I bought this dress in uni from Bulletproof in Liverpool. It was my third & final year and we were having a party and I found this on the sale rail. I just love the flowers and I’ve worn it so many times. It’s definitely a go-to dress of choice when I just can’t decide what to wear.

dress 11

dress 11 close up


I bought this dress in Leeds from Pop Boutique. It had a faulty zip so it was really cheap. I got my Mum to do a nip & tuck and then it was back to normal :). I love the bow on the front and the top bit has a cape thing with cute buttons on the back.

dress 14

dress 14 back

dress 14 close up

This one isn’t vintage but I just loved the hummingbird pattern on it and cut-out back . I looks quite oriental and is really fitted – so like my dress from Beyond Retro no big meals to be eaten in this one! The picture is from a Christmas night out with friends from my Post Graduate degree.

dress 2

dress 2 close up

night out 2011

This dress is from Oxfam Hove and is a recent addition. It was on a mannequin in the window but I wasn’t too sure. Then, Oxfam Hove came to Oxford to do a pop-up shop and I decided to go for it. It’s blue/black coloured so just about makes the LBD list!

dress 12

dress 12 close up

I have to admit I’ve never worn this dress. EVER. And, I’ve had it since I was 18 (so like 8 years…). I bought it from Resurrection in Liverpool and I’ve just never found the right night out/event for it. This is really one I should give up but just can’t. One day…

dress 15

dress 15 close up

This dress is from the Oxfam Festival Shop and although it’s quite plain I love the see-through detail. I first wore it for Valentine’s Day this year, with some vintage shoes. I love vintage shoes but dear me, my feet hurt when I got home.

dress 5


This was another purchase from when I was at Uni. It’s a reworked vintage dress and I bought it from Raider’s Boutique in liverpool. I was the student radio president and I was hosting the awards night, I had no money for a new dress and begged my Dad for one – and this was the result! You can’t really see the dress in the uni photo but best one I could find.

dress 7

dress 7 close up


Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through my wardrobe.

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