Woman’s Weekly – 40 year perspective

I came across this edition of Woman’s Weekly from 1974 and was intrigued to see what women 40 years ago would have been reading. I’m a magazine fiend and was really sad to see Company Magazine would not be hitting our shelves anymore. As much as I like Vogue and the like it was nice to read a magazine with some things I could actually afford!

Women’s Weekly was first published in 1911 and focused on issues such as home, family, health/beauty and fashion. This edition from 1974 featured recipes for a budget party, a perspective on the Chelsea Flower Show, an approach to beauty care for the housewife and career girl and lots of quite funny and vintage adverts.


Page 15 brought the lady of 1974 ‘two different lifestyles’ about how the career girl differs from the housewife. The home based girl might not make much effort as there is no one around and I quote: “This is a pity for she is not doing herself justice and the family may well appreciate a touch of glamour.” This made me chuckle, some of my favourite days are just sitting in the house with no make up in my onesie. I wonder what 1974 Women’s Weekly would make of my ‘home’ lifestyle!

The career girl should: “Have a well-stocked beauty drawer at the office, to save toting equipment in her handbag.” The juxtaposition of the two may seem old-fashioned but I must admit to having a few essentials in my drawer in work.


Some of my favourite things when flicking through this vintage mag, was the adverts. Here are two of my faves – for Babycham and hair dye.




I enjoyed my flick through to 40 years ago and being little miss Vintage Oxford I wanted all of the dresses in the magazine! Have you ever stumbled across an old magazine and had a read? Let me know which mags are the good ones…


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