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What makes a charity shop special?

If you had to design a charity shop, what would you do?

I can’t even count the number of charity shops/ vintage shops I’ve visited over the years and I’m trying to work out what makes one seem more special than an other. The stock for sure, the people and the buzz of the shop does it for me but I want to know what you think….

Some examples are – the jumble sale look. Packed to the rafters, has a market feel and you really have to be dedicated to route through but there is always a gem to find.

jumble sale

What about the charity shops that are beautifully laid out, colour blocked with the best stock on show?

colour blocked

The volunteers and staff in the shop are a major part of the buzz, what do you think makes a good chazza shop team?

Oxfam Hove Vintage Day 011

How about the quaint, the kitsch and the quirky shops?


What makes you walk in; is it the charity’s cause, the window display and how do you hear about these ‘gem’ shops – is it word of mouth, social media?


What stock do you like to see; clothes, homewares, bikes, furniture? What is your favourite thing to buy?

hove dressed

And finally, what about price? Do you like low price items mixed in with high-priced or for charity shops to have ’boutique’ sections with the more expensive pieces? What’s the cheapest and dearest thing you’ve ever bought in a charity shop? I think mine ranges from 20p – £100!


Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on what makes a charity shop special >>>

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