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Charity Shop Snoop: Templars Square haul

I went to visit the site of the new Emmaus Oxford charity shop yesterday to see how things were progressing. It’s strange to think that in a few months this will be a busy, buzzy shop! I’m very excited to be joining the team and to be launching this charity shop.




Afterwards I nipped in to Emmaus Oxford’s shop in Templars Square to say hello to the team. It’s a little gem of a shop and had the most amazing solid wood table for just £50, with wooden chairs. If I didn’t have a furniture ban from my boyfriend it would have been coming home with me. But I must admit there really is no space in my house. It’s literally wall to wall charity shop / street find furniture!




There are several chazza shops in Templars Square and so I nipped into the PDSA shop for a quick snoop and picked up this really cute stripy River Island dress for only £2.49. I thought that with tights this could see me through winter then in the summer – no tights needed, summer dress. Hurrah!

I also spotted these really funny ducks. enjoy.





Next up I headed to the Age UK shop. It had some really decent tunes on (soul music my fave!). I had a good browse and tried on a few things. I chose a M&S flowery blouse for only £2.49 #bargain




I then headed across the road to TK Maxx, I know I’m venturing out from charity shops but I just wanted to show you the fab shirt and shoes I got 🙂



What chazza shop bits have you picked up so far this year?

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  1. I got loads of stuff in Sue Ryder (I think) inside the shopping centre last week, and a couple of things from BHF the other day, oh I do like Templars Square for charity shopping – there are loads of them! The PDSA shop makes me laugh – they’ve had a “clearance” for months – they just mark the tickets down before putting the stuff out, pretending they are on sale, haha! I can’t wait for them to finish the building work where the new Emmaus will be, they started aaaages ago! Exciting 😀

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