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Vintage Furniture Focus: Drexel

Drexel was founded in America in 1903 in Drexel, about five miles east of Morganton, North Carolina. An investment of $14,000 led to in 1929; North Carolina being names the lead state in the production of wooden furniture.

As any company would, it felt the effects of The Great Depression but by the late 40s/50s it was reaching sales of more than $18 million a year. In the early 50s, Frech and contemporary styles were its biggest sellers and by the late 50s it took on an Italian provincial style, which led the way to them being the American nation’s largest manufacturer of bedroom and dining room pieces in the middle to upper priced areas.

By the late 60s,  it was operating 16 plants and employing 6,300 people – and moved into institutional production (e.g education, clinical) as well as residential.

Here are some of my fave pieces from Drexel and some Vintage ads (all pics from Pinterest and URL added) >>>


drexel 1

drexel ad

drexel dresserdrexel ad 2

drexel 3


drexel cabinet


drexel ad 3


Another vintage designer to look out for when vintage hunting!

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