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“How much?” The high end Vintage buys and are they worth it?

When buying a vintage piece – an original, interesting one-off wonder – how much does the price sway your decision?

We all love a cheap find in a chazza shop, or the Beyond Retro sale but what about when you do have the cash to splash? Do you go to particular places to seek out higher quality items or are you still just led by the piece no matter what the price.

I decided to have an internet snoop at some of the higher priced vintage pieces and let you decide for yourself – is it worth it?

Oxfam – top item Vintage 1970’s Ossie Clark For Radley Ivory Maxi Long Dress With Celia Birtwell Print – price £850

vintage oxfordvintage oxford, ossie clark

Well, I think this dress is just fantastic and the description is very in depth on features and issues (such as a lipstick smudge). Similar styles and print dresses on other sites range from the £850 to just over the £1000 mark, so in my opinion well priced and with the great description you know what you’re paying for. My only suggestion would be that the Oxfam site should have a picture of the label so you know it’s genuine.

Beyond Retro – top item 1990s Yohji Yamamoto Winter Dress – £175

Yohji Yamamoto


This dress is described as a dramatic black & off white 1990s (circa) Yohji Yamamoto winter dress with a revere front. It’s certainly not my style and on the condition tab there is just a generic statement as to the condition styles but doesn’t actually say what it is. My opinion is that it’s not a bad priced dress but for nearly £200 where could you wear it? It’s not a night out dress and unless you are a lawyer in London could you rock up to your office in this? Also 1990…. no comment.

However, current Yohji Yamamoto prices are fierce – anything from £300- £5000 so could be a great investment piece.

Etsy – top item Vintage 1930s Satin Lilac Dress – £9328

vintage oxford 1930

With a fitted bodice with gathered capped sleeves this Hudson Bay Fur Company 1930s dress is going for a whopping £9000 on Etsy. More of a museum piece than a general sale me thinks!

If you’re a collector, I suppose it might be a dream to own but would I buy this top end item… well I think you know the answer to that.

Rokit – top item Balmain SS13 Green Tropical Print Bodycon Cocktail Dress – £1700


This jade and lime green bodycon dress is available from Rokit Vintage. It’s only from the SS13 collection so not exactly vintage but with the history of the Balmain label a definite investment piece. When you consider similar-ish styles are selling for £800 – £2500 it’s reasonably priced and I suppose this is the point of the article  – if you love it (and it’s not £9000 *cough, Etsy*) you’d buy it.

WilliamVintage – Top item A DIOR HAUTE COUTURE DRESS COAT, AUTUMN WINTER 1948 – £18,775



Nobody messes with the Vintage king! If WilliamVintage says its £18,000, it’s £18,000 and I won’t here anything against it. This dress coat is constructed from black silk taffeta with a panel of intricately embroidered black. It’s a 1948 Dior Haute Couture piece and is just simply stunning. It may out a normal prerson’s price range but compared to the Etsy dress it’s actually wearable. So, is this a message to us all… forget the mortgage and invest in Vintage?

So from the lows of £175 to the highs of £18,000 Vintage is certainly for life and not just for Christmas. In reality you’ll never really afford a £10,000 dress but with a budget in mind, if you find the right vintage dress it’s not going to be the end of the world to splash out that little bit more for a unique, one-off piece that you’ll feel a million dollars in.

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