Where have all the photos gone?

It’s been a busy old month and I was very happy to spend a week at home in Liverpool. I caught up with friends, spent time with my family and also celebrated my Dad who sadly passed away four years ago.

One thing I always find comfort in is looking through old photos – laughing at the hair styles, asking my Mum questions about who is in the picture and reminiscing.

However, it made me think that in 20, 30, 40 years time we will loose that little joy as every picture we take ends up online. I think the last time I got pictures printed was in uni about 2008!

I’m so used to just snapping on my IPhone and uploading to Facebook it doesn’t even cross my mind to print them out. About six months ago I went to update my phone and lost about a year’s worth of photos and I did sit and cry as all the memories of events, festivals, friends had gone – if only I would have printed them off (or as everyone told me backed them up…!)

In years to come when people want to remember loved ones or look to the past, will they dig out a hard drive? It would still do the job but would not be the same as routing through, finding funny photos and being able to pass it around and talk about it.

Here’s some gems I found in my Mum’s house of my family.

blog 1
My brother and I
blog 2
Nice 80s shot of my Mum and a little me!
blog 3
Dad on holiday
blog 4
Mum and Dad in South Africa, where they used to live

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