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Winter’s-a-coming: top five vintage clothing tips for winter

Although I’m a complete summer babe (my birthday is July 1st) I do love switching up my wardrobe when the seasons start to change. At the moment the leaves are just starting to turn golden brown and my level of coats is starting to up its game – this means winter is on the way.

I took a walk through Florence Park on the way home from work and loved seeing all of the contrasting colours. If you’ve never been to Florence Park take a trip, it has so many Instagram worthy features. And not to forget the zipwire….

Florence Park Oxford Florence Park Oxford

So, now is the time to sort out your wardrobe, venture into the loft and switch around your vintage style.


I’m a huge coat fan. They fall out of every cupboard and are stuffed in every space in my house. I literally don’t know how many I own. A vintage/retro style coat can make an outfit and means you can lash on your jeans and t-shirt but still show some individuality (and be warm…). You will end up buying a new one so my advice is get all your jackets and summer coats on the bed and have a clear out, taking them to your local charity shop. This is the only way I can keep on top of my coat buying habit!

I can’t wait to wear this vintage coat again. It’s from Emmaus Oxford.

Vintage Oxford


The rain is a given. On these occasions a brolly and a hood are your best friend. However, adding a vintage/retro style scarf is the best way to accessorize a dreary morning. You can find great scarves at the Oxford market at Gloucester Green. I picked these up last year.


A good pair of leather boots is a must. Whether you go for brown, tan or black; low heel or high – boots are the best rain and cold beating asset for the season. A few years ago, I bought a light brown pair from the Shaw Trust at the Cowley Centre and have worn them to death with jeans and vintage jumpers. However, I think they have seen better days so I’m now on the hunt for a pair in the same colour. I do love this pair below I spotted in a charity shop and *wish* I would have bought them.

winter vintage boots


Choosing a longer style vintage dress means your pins will stay warmer. I’m always tempted to hem a dress up higher but it’s nice to keep vintage pieces as they are and the longer styles come in useful for winter pub trips.



Last but not least. If you need your charity / vintage shopping fix but it’s too dull to go outside, fear not vintage fans! There are so many great sites to shop from. You’ve got the biggies such as Beyond Retro, Rokit; Oxfam’s Online Shop and for the browsers Etsy, ASOS Marketplace and not forgetting good ol’ Ebay.

So, grab a coat, scarve and pair of boots to see you through the day then rock your long vintage by night (or shop online for more!)

Have a great winter. I’m heading upstairs to sort out my wardrobe.


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