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Vintage Market Snoop: Judy’s Vintage Fair

Although I was full of cold today, I made it out of the house to pop down to Judy’s Vintage Fair at the Catholic Chaplaincy in Oxford. Across the road from Christ Church you couldn’t get a more beautiful walk down from my house on Iffley Road. I walked through the meadow and crossed over when I spotted the yellow signs.

Routing through rails of clothes is what I would call my hobby… some people play sports, some people do crafts – I do vintage shopping. Although I’ve followed Judy’s for years on social media, I’ve never actually been to a fair. It’s only £2 to get in so student friendly and there was a lovely little cake and bacon butty stall in the entrance lobby.

There was probably around 20 stalls selling a mixture of clothing, jewellery, accessories and homewares. I also spotted a vintage print stall but forgot to take a photo!

The themes of vintage clothing included sheepskin coats, denim jackets, flannel shirts and enough 80s/90s shell suits to shake a stick at! There was a definite trend towards the student market but then being in Oxford, what would you expect?

I of course gravitated towards the dresses and shiny things… and picked up two dresses. I did two to three full swoops around the floor before making my decision. I thought the pricing was very reasonable on the stalls and had a few chats with some of the sellers. Lots of Northern folk, which was good to hear for my Scouse heart.

I nearly fell for an early 60s style coat but couldn’t justify a January £60 spend (#bringonpayday). Who knows how much would have been spent post pay day…

It was great to get out of the house, have a winter walk through the meadow and get better at my hobby ha! I’m hoping to get out and about vintage shopping more this year. Next on the hitlist is a few shops I’ve spotted on Instagram in Northampton, and having a friend who is from there, we’ll hopefully be having a little trip soon. If you want to snoop my daily vintage finds follow me on Instagram @VintageOxford.

Here’s some more photos from the vintage fair.


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  1. So pleased I stumbled across this article. I LOVE vintage and visit a friend next week in Lewisham. Thanks for sharing!

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