Charity Shop Snoop: Barnardo’s on the Cowley Road

Sunday is usually my catch up day – life admin, shopping for the week and I love a little stroll down the Cowley Road.

I always stop into Barnardo’s to see what’s new. I’m gutted they have reduced the clothing and taken the vintage section away though 🙁

Spring is definitely on it’s way, there plenty of floral charity shop finds in stock. I also spotted these beautiful purple flowers in the cemetery cut through to Magdalen Road.

I came away with a brand new pair of leather boots for £10. I’m currently cleaning my house out so I couldn’t go as thrifty crazy as usual, as I’ve just bagged up a load of stuff to take to the charity shop!

One in, one out as they say…

This week has been very busy in work and next week we have a new person joining the team and I have a trip to London. Best get my rest in today and then go for a walk in my new boots!

Here’s some photos of the stock


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