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Winter warmth

I’m a through and through summer baby. My birthday is the 1st of July so slap bang middle of the year and my fave place is the beach – sunshine, the sea and a BBQ with friends, nothing makes me happier!

So it takes me a little while to adjust to the cold days and dark nights of winter. I definitely get seasonal effectiveness disorder (the #SAD, as I call it!).

The heating went on last week and I’ve been rinsing the fan heater on my legs of an evening, ha ha. This year I’ve stocked up on a new blanket scarf, hat & gloves and winter woolly PJs to see me through.

I do love Christmas and the build up but if I had to pick a season it would defo be Summer. This is a cold Kelly below…..

Things I do love about winter: party food, Christmas songs, candles, rocking my vintage/ charity shop coats and party dresses. So the next week or so is time for a wardrobe switch around to get all those woollies out, wash the party wear and stop moaning about being cold 🙂

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