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Vintage Oxford Visits: Charlbury in the Cotswold

Before I moved to Oxford I had a picture in my head of what it would look like. I’d seen the Harry Potter style colleges in the city centre but I assumed the rest of it would look like the Vicar of Dibley. Yellow brick houses, pretty flowers and local independent shops.

I assumed wrong. Oxford  – and where I live in East Oxford – is pretty but if I had to choose a place that represented that image, it would be Charlbury.

Charlbury Chipping Norton 3

Charlbury is about a 40 minute drive from Oxford and is a picturesque Oxfordshire town. It ticks the yellow stone houses and pretty flower boxes. The houses have pastel hued doors, there are vine trees reaching across the buildings and some good ol’ pubs.

I walked down to the Sheep Street / Market Street area for lunch at The Bull Inn. This pub was very inviting with a big log fire as you walked in. I chose a beetroot and broccoli salad and my dining partner a butcher’s board.

Charlbury Chipping Norton The Bull Inn 3

Charlbury Chipping Norton The Bull Inn 3

Charlbury Chipping Norton The Bull Inn 3

Charlbury Chipping Norton The Bull Inn 3# Charlbury Chipping Norton The Bull Inn 3

We didn’t have a chance to stay around for too long as we needed to get back to Oxford (cue work getting in the way ha!). But I would certainly like to go back and have a real good snoop around all the cute shops. It really is an instagram-ers dream town.

If you have recommendations of other Oxfordshire places to visit, let me know. I’ve finally got a car so I’m able to get out and about a lot more now 🙂

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