Charity & vintage shop snoop, Oxford

December Magdalen Market in East Oxford

IT’SSSSS CCHHRRRIIISSSTTTMMMAAASSSSS!!!! This week I’ve rocked my new vintage Christmas cardie to work, put my tree up and near enough spent all of my wages on presents and it’s only December 4th. Although I’m a total Summer baby, December is such a lovely month as you make time to see the people you love and send messages and speak to …

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Top five vintage inspired Christmas food & drink

Don’t we all have our Christmas food faves? There are certain items you just love and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. Every household is different and every family. Some people have bread sauce, some cranberry for us it’s two (or even) three different types of gravy. Yes, two-three different gravies. Interesting I know… 1. Maraschino Cherries It just isn’t Christmas …

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