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Charity shop snoop: Headington in Oxford

This weekend  I actually left East Oxford (#eastside) and went to Headington to have a snoop around the charity shops. There are about six/seven on the one road so makes for a very easy sweep!

It was payday on Friday so I had the money in my pocket, I had a lovely green vintage dress on I’d bought in Oxfam Cowley road the week before, for inspiration – I was set. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one thing I really liked and only bought a card in British Heart Foundation. It annoys me that when you have no money you see so many cool things and when you have it – nothing. I think my boyfriend was quite happy, as my charity shop snoop was much shorter than usual. He usually spends his time hovering in the book section whilst I try on a million and one things.

After we finished we went for a quick drink in the White Hart before heading to town. Bad idea, it was too busy so I got myself some tasty food to cook, a bottle of gin (well it was Saturday night!) and headed back to the safety of Iffley Road!

Below are some photos from my snoop and some vintage pieces I thought  were groovy, but not for me. Next weekend (if the rain stays off) I’m hoping to head to Summertown – let me know if you’ve bought any vintage gems in Oxford recently. I loved this from @pritchardkate on Twitter bought from the Summertown Helen and Douglas House. (click on her Instagram link to see)

Cancer Research:

cancer research cancer research insdie cr jacket

British Heart Foundation:


bhf inside

bhf dress

Marie Curie:

marie curie marie curie insdie mc CARDIE


  1. Yay! I live in Headington and the charity shops are really good and a bit under-explored, it’s so nice to see them getting some attention!

    Sorry you didn’t find anything, but do try again soon, they usually have a fast turnover for their stock.

    1. Hi Lisa, ah thanks! I’ll be back again soon and I want to go to Coco Noir *I think it was called* the coffee shop place 🙂 Think the charity shop gods weren’t looking down on me yesterday ha!

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