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Charity shop snoop: Sue Ryder on the Cowley Road

The Sue Ryder on the Cowley Road is one of my fave shops in Oxford. It’s beautifully merchandised yet still feels like you can have a good look through. The main stock of the shop is woman’s clothing, shoes and accessories. There are also some great homewares and a men’s section – and always musical instruments for some reason.


Like the Barnardos just up the street, it too has a dedicated vintage section and I’ve noticed it’s upped its game recently in adding great little vintage pieces to add to the fashions such as old telephones, post cards and books. I also LOVE the coat section  – it always has a great mix of wool, lightweight, vintage and other on-trend items.

collage 1 sue r

collage 2 sue r

Here are some of my fave pieces I found in the shop – I particularly love the Frank Usher black and white vintage dress (only £15 may I add) and blue mix wool two piece suit (been eyeing that one up for two weeks now!)

collage 4 sue r

collage 3 sue r

collage 5 sue r

Stay tuned for more Sue Ryder fashion updates from my charity shop snoops!

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