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My top 5: How to shop for vintage online

Ebay, Etsy, ASOS? Where do you start with online vintage shopping?

Each site has its plus and minus marks and each is targeting a different audience so this article I hope, will help on where and how to start your online vintage shopping. I’ve put some top tips on how to do it and also my top online sites for you to take a look at.

Top tips

1) Buy a tape measure

tape measure

Over the years, sizes and shapes of standard fittings have changed. A medium/size 12 from 1960 can be much smaller than what we fit to today. With most online pieces there will be measurements of the garment and if not you can always ask and then measure it against yourself.

2) Make do and mend

make do

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to buy something that is slightly bigger than your size. You can very easily make a nip and tuck on a garment  – either by hand or with a sewing machine to make it fit.

3) Faults


In a shop you can touch, feel and examine the garment but you have to rely on photos online. Most retailers will alert you to any major/minor faults and remember you’re buying an old, pre-worn item so it’s probably not always going to be perfect. If in doubt email them an ask for further information and always check what the returns policy is and how long you have – also, do you have to pay to return it?

4) Price


Online shopping is super convenient and you can ‘visit’ far more shops in the space of an hour than you can with high street shops. So, make sure if you’re after a particular item or style to check out a few sites so you can tell if you’re getting a good price. Also, work out the cost of postage and packaging. If you’re buying a heavy item such as a coat, with P&P,  it can end up costing more than just buying a similar item from a shop but then if you love it and want it, well….. we always know what happens there!

5) Virtual shopping


One thing I love about online shopping is being able to use the pictures to form collages of all the stuff I want on places such as Pinterest and Polyvore. For me, an online shopping snoop is much more than buying it’s about inspiring me to create online mood boards and inform how I want to dress with what I’ve got or future purchases. And, the beauty of sites such as Polyvore and Pinterest, is once they’re clipped/pinned, the link stays so you can keep track of sites you like in much more of a prettier way than just a list or online bookmark.

So, to get started I would go to these sites and get looking!

Happy shopping and do comment and let me know where you shop for vintage online – I’m always on the look out for new sites or sellers.

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