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Oxfam Hove annual vintage & retro day

Last weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at Oxfam Hove for their annual vintage retro day. I arrived on the Friday and helped the team in pricing, sorting and putting out all the stock – ranging from clothes to homewares to accessories.

setting up

hove clothes on rail

It was a late one but worth it as we got to see so many amazing pieces that had been generously donated to the shop. We finished about 8pm and headed back for a good night’s rest.

The next morning the shop manager, Amanda Powell and I went for a quick coffee across the road and watched as people started to look in the lovingly made-up windows. We headed over and it was great to see all the volunteer’s vintage outfits for the day. A quick tidy and move around and the doors opened to the crowds ready to snap up some vintage!

Hove volunteers

hove queues

There was such a buzzing atmosphere in the shop and the vintage was flying off the shelves like hot cakes. I helped to get items out of the window, assist customers and tidy up the shop floor.

hove busy

hove dafodil

Oxfam Hove Vintage Day 043

As it got to the afternoon I went for a little stroll on my lunch to the seaside then came back to the shop to play a bit of dress up (I’d already tried on half the shop the day before to be fair!!). I think my most overused phrases over the weekend were ‘that’s amazing’ and ‘love it’.

hove kelly

Here are some of the amazing items from Oxfam Hove – congratulations to the team and thanks to all the people who attended and helped to raise money for Oxfam in my fave way – the vintage shopping way!

Vintage Fashion

hove dress 4
hove dress 3
hove dress 2
hove dress 6
hove dresses
Oxfam Hove Vintage Day 072

Vintage Accessories

hove vintage shoes

hove handbags
hove dressed
hove lippy

Vintage Homewares and Pieces

hove homewares 1
hove homwares 2
hove tea cups

Pics from around Brighton and Hove

Oxfam Hove Vintage Day 063
Oxfam Hove Vintage Day 065
Oxfam Hove Vintage Day 067

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