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Vintage shop snoop: A trip to Bath

I visited my lovely friend Tanya in Bath and first thing on our list (apart from food and drink!) was vintage.

She took me first to Jack and Danny’s. It was what vintage shops used to look like – absolutely stuffed to the rafters with clothes. Lots of leather and army gear but also some gems and floral 60s goodness thrown in.





Next up was a more fancy shop (name has passed me by…) but it was a bit weird, it was an upmarket second-hand shop but with a vintage section. Felt a bit wrong that it wasn’t a charity shop and was selling things like Topshop but oh well.



Being a charity-shop-o-holic she took me to a very smart charity shop called Dorothy House and we had a route through the vintage section.



It had some groovy jackets, which Tanya tried on and also some decent homewares. I was drawn to the dresses as usual…




We also visited the amazing Bath market. It was full of 60s music, food stalls and lots of independent sellers. There was army memorabilia, knitted ties, 70s gowns, 50s style flared dresses and lots of random things as you’ll see below. I loved visiting Bath and seeing my lovely friend and would love to do a full day again soon as we got distracted by fun, frolics and wine!

bath 1

bath 2

bath 3

bath 4

bath 5


  1. Oh my goodness, I visited Jack and Danny’s while on a college trip! We stopped in Bath for a day, and my girlfriends and I took the opportunity to browse. I almost bought an amazing dress for 75 pounds, and four years later I still regret it. Very envious you made a stop! 🙂 – Brianna

    1. Hi Brianna, I know that feeling! That’s why my wardrobe over flows as I hate leaving a dress behind. Great shop isn’t it! X

  2. What a find! Will defo look up next time in the West Country…. Thanks for sharing…

    1. Make sure you go the market so much fun! X

  3. Ooh that looks like a right treasure trove – did you buy anything?

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