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Charity shop snoop: The Cowley Road, Oxford

Spring has sprung on the Cowley Road and the charity shops have finally done a seasonal changeover. I could see lots of lime greens, yellows and pastels. Lovely!

I stopped off at Barnardos, as I was drawn in by this little chap:


Florals must have been getting stockpiled in droves – everywhere I looked my inner hippy child was screaming to be let out. I have so many floral and patterned dresses in my wardrobe. In uni, my friends used to ask me had I ever bought anything plain! As I was cleaning my room the other week, I spotted this old photo of my cousin and I, guess my mum’s early fashion choices for me have had a lasting effect on my love of patterns. To be fair, I think everyone I know would agree I’d probably still wear a dress like this today.


And so, not much has changed as I’ve gotten older….. you could even say worse…


Less of my wardrobe now and more about Barnardos. Here are my fave finds from the shop.  This yellow item would have been a perfect dress but it was actually some sort of pinny. How amazing are the colours though, pass me a floral headband please….


Next up, was this washed out wonder. It looked like it had a lavender style print on it and had hints of an impressionist piece of art.


Now, I now this one isn’t so summery but I really liked the pattern and for a hot day, it was long and loose. It was pleated at the bottom so added a nice contrast to the flowers.


At the back of the shop, there are lots of curtains and homewares and I did like the deep, dark colours of this curtain.


Up the road, I ventured to Sue Ryder and finally, they have some new vintage stock!  I go into this shop so often I can probably tell the staff when things need culling from the shop floor as they’ve been there that long. They’ve really upped their game lately and have a whole vintage corner with old games, postcards and books. I found a set of postcards from the 60s, from a man who was travelling and writing home to his family in Oxford, it was very sweet and I loved the old school language.

The stand out gem was this 1950s two piece green flower piece. It was like a beacon of vintage heaven on the Cowley Road. It was priced at £50, which I know some people snare at in a charity shop but it was totally worth it and don’t you think its fair to this lovely dress and the donor who so obviously must have loved and cherished it for it to be in such great condition? I wish I could keep my clothes in such good condition, I blame the fact I haven’t got a bigger wardrobe as to how they end up on the floor or stuffed at the bottom of my wardrobe…

sue ryder

Next up are two 1980s wonders. Now these are certainly not something you’d wear everyday and may need a little nip and tuck on the sewing machine but really cool, nevertheless.

sue ryder 2

Last but by no means least are these two blue/green hued pieces. Similar to Barnardos, there was an impressionistic feel and mad hippy florals. I love the collar on the dress on the right but they never suit me. Not something you say often, but I don’t think I have a long enough neck for them!

sue ryder 3

I finished the day in my garden with a gin & tonic, giving my boyfriend a well deserved beverage after putting up with me charity shop snooping all day. He does love the book section, honest….

And yes, I do have a ‘plain’ top on but with a banging, colourful necklace so it’s ok!

Have a wonderful bank holiday!

photo 4-5

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