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Vintage shop snoop: Gloucester Green vintage market

Every Thursday in Oxford there is a vintage, craft, antique and farmer’s market at Gloucester Green. I’ve been once before and bought a wonderful green Welsh wool cape but as it’s in the week I never get a chance to go.

When I woke up this morning, I begged my boyfriend to come with me – he reluctantly agreed and when we got there sat in a coffee shop for about an hour. Never mind being a football widow, he is a vintage widow!

market photo

I had a good snoop round first and enjoyed seeing all the chintz-y stuff and hearing the traders joking about. My first job was on a market stall in Liverpool, so I just love the atmosphere of them. I then visited a stall where everything was a £1. I snapped up some beautiful scarves but I’m saving the pics of these for another blog post (as I may have bought a few too many dresses…).

vintage scarf... more to come...
vintage scarf… more to come…

Then, I headed to the stall where I bought my cape. I think the guy who runs it is called Michael, very friendly as most traders are (yes, I got a discount *yay*). There were lots of 80s wooly jumpers, some great Barbour jackets for men, lots of leather and a great little selection of sparkly pieces. I chose two black dresses, it’s summer I don’t know why, but I just thought they looked smart and the one with the flowing sleeves a bit glam. I also picked up a sequin vintage top to add to my collection, I could totally see someone wearing this on a cruise ha! #cruisestyle









I then  headed across the way to one of the other stalls, which was packed to the rafters with patterned dresses. I thought they were going to be quite expensive but prices ranged from £5 – £20. My heart skipped a beat….

I decided to go a bit crazy with long maxi dresses and picked up three vintage patterned pieces. What I like is that each of them has something that makes it stand out. The red dress has the high round collar and flared sleeves, the green dress is cut to the chest with short sleeves and the blue dress has a little V at the top. As I write this, I know I’m just justifying buying three similar dresses. What can I say my school nick name of ‘dress lady’ lives on in Oxford.




The washing machine is in full flow for one of them to get an outing at the weekend!

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