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August vintage buys: Baumaire, Linton and Howard

I’ve had a very vintage filled two weeks organising Vinatge Friday with Oxfam and This Old Thing, and then last weekend setting up a vintage pop up shop at Highclere Castle. Along the way, I’ve found a dress or two….

The first dress is from Oxfam Westbourne Grove. It’s an 80s dusky, light pink dress with pockets on the front and buttons down the back. I’ve decided to leave the shoulder pads in and in work, someone said I looked like Melanie Griffith’s out of the film Working Girl ha ha! The label is Therese Baumaire, made in France. I know it needs an iron but I was just about to put it in the wash….

Therese Baumaire

vintage label

therese baumaire

This next dress is a polyester dream and unlike the above will never need ironing! I just love the pattern on it and it was made in London, which is cool. It is from the Norman Linton budget collection.

vintage dress

vintage label

vintage pattern

This next story is tragic, vintage fans you will cry. I tried this on, it fitted perfectly (well a little big but nice and comfy) and then I brought it home and put it in the washing machine. Yes, I put a wool dress in the washing machine. It’s now about a size to small but I just can’t let it go. I googled and tried the cold water and stretching, which has made it a little better but I’m determined to fix it! Anyway, a beautiful, blue/green pattern wool dress by Fredrick Howard of London. If only washing machines had a vintage button – it would make life so much easier!

dreses 007

dreses 009

Heroes at Highclere

dreses 008

Hope you like my new buys and if you know anything more about the labels, I would love to hear.


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