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How many LBDs can one girl have? (Part 1)

Last week, I was trying to clear out my wardrobe and I started to count up how many dresses I own. It went past 70 and I still kept on discovering dresses in the bottom of drawers….

My school/uni title of ‘dress lady’ has certainly been lived up to.

I thought I’d share some of my fave little black dresses from my wardrobe (with the odd blue one thrown in for good measure!). Some of the dresses I wear often, others I don’t but just love too much to give away. And, some of them, I haven’t ever worn but always think “one day”.

I’ve split this into two posts so scroll through and let me know which one is your fave.

Little Black dresses

This sequin filled dress is from Beyond Retro. I just love dresses like this (as you’ll see) and it had its first outing at my work Christmas party.

dress 8

dress 8 close up

lbd kelly

This next one is not vintage but I was going to an awards ceremony in Liverpool and was looking for a dress last-minute, after work. I saw this in French Connection and thought it looked so unusual. It’s slightly bunched up on one side and falls on your body so well. The photo of me below is from NYE 2012 and that awesome drink is a flaming zombie!

dress 10

dress 10 close up


I bought this dress from the Oxfam Festival Shop. I’ve never worn it but it was black, had sequins and so I just couldn’t resist it.

dress 9

dress 9 close up

This dress is from Flashback Boutique in Liverpool and like one of the other dresses, I was going to an awards ceremony with my work. I once had an incident at the Cheshire Food & Drink awards. I was going to wear a dress from ASOS but I got a new vintage number instead. On the evening, someone turned up in the ASOS dress – and in that moment my love of vintage and buying unique pieces was sealed forever!

(p.s ignore my awful fringe below and check out my Scouse curly blow dry and french tips, oh dear…)

dress 1

dress 1 close up

I bought the next dress for my leaving party in Liverpool. It was from a shop called Raider’s Vintage, which has sadly closed down now :(. It was during the K-Mid frenzy and I did feel very regal in it.

dress 3

dress 3 close up


I bought this dress from Beyond Retro and I just loved the velvet material and shape of it. I wore it at Christmas but it certainly wasn’t the best dress to eat my roast in… had to undo the zip afterwards…
This photo is of my lovely Mum and I 🙂

dress 4

dress 4 close up


I’ve had this dress for yeeeaarrrrsssss. It’s from River Island but I thought it had a vintage-eqsue look about it. It’s velvet-like with little sequins dotted about and a cut-out back.

dress 6

dress 6 back

dress 6 close up

This dress is quite plain and simple; with a beaded, peter pan style collar. I bought this for my Dad’s funeral so even though I don’t wear it too much it has a sentimental value to me. I was in a bit of daze (as you can imagine) after it all happened but I wanted to feel as good as I could on the day. My Dad probably would have shouted at me for buying another dress to be fair. He was your typical ‘stand outside shop and wait for daughter to choose dress’ Dad – we had some laughs shopping together though and always finished it with food and a bottle of wine together.

dress 13

dress 13 close up

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through, and stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Crikey! I thought I was bad! Made me feel much better about my hoard. LBD’s – you can never have enough!

    1. I know! I wish I could bring myself to sell/donate some but I just can’t! x

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