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Charity Shop Snoop: British Heart Foundation in Oxford City Centre

There are not many charity shops in Oxford City Centre. All I can think of is the Oxfam on Broad Street (the first Oxfam ever I’ll have you know!) and then the British Heart Foundation on St Ebbes Street.


Obviously, I have a soft spot for the Oxfam but today I decided to go and have a snoop around the BHF. It’s just opposite the Modern Art Gallery and by Oasis – I always think this is a strange street though, as it’s never very busy with shoppers, so why have a shop there?




It’s a small but bright and modern shop, which packs in a lot. There are plenty of women’s accessories, the usual fashions, a pretty decent music & book section, a men’s range, homewares and children’s – it packs a lot in the space!


I first had a snoop through the accessories, there are lots of jewellery, hats, purses and bags. However, a lot of it, to my eye, is ‘new’. I only think this as there were more than one item on lots of lines. The shoe section and jewellery, I think, were the best.




With Spring setting in but the cold still snapping; the shop had the mix of fashions right. There are lots of jumpers, cardies and knits in the shop but then a wide selection of sleeveless dresses and tops. My two faves were this colourful Boden piece at £9.99 and this striped Monsoon dress at £12.99. The only downfall in terms of women’s wear is that there is no changing room. With my new year’s resolution of not just buying everything that I like, this was a downfall as I couldn’t try them on.




The homewares section had some cool mugs/jugs, I’m seeing loads of these lately. Must be the post-Christmas clear outs hitting the shelves.




Overall, this shop packs a punch with a bit of everything and it was beautifully merchandised. It’s a shame it’s on (in my opinion) such a quite street as this would be such a buzzing shop on say, Cowley Road. I loved my visit to this BHF and just wish it had a changing room. To be in the City Centre and competing with all the high street retailers, I think this would give it a boost.

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