It’s Oxfam, Darling!

As I come into my final week or so working as Marketing Manager for Oxfam, there was only one thing I could do to celebrate….

Apart from having a drink or two with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with, I’m going to be wearing only Oxfam clothes for a week.

womad 2

I think apart from maybe my lovely boss Fee, I may own more Oxfam clothes (and other bits) than anyone else in the country. As part of my role, I attend area meetings around the country and always try to buy something from one of our shops. I’ve found vintage dresses in Oxfam Hove, a Scouse cook book in our Essex shop and my love for Oxfam’s festival shop knows no bounds!

In my old role I’d run from pop-up shop to pop-up shop buying up bits along the way…

Oxfam hove



high clere

Within my first few weeks at Oxfam, I was thrown right into festival life heading off to the Isle Of Wight and Oxfam’s festival shop – for it only to be it’s worth weather ever. But, I stuck it out and three years later I’ve bought more things than I care to think about.


I’d love everyone to join me in celebrating amazing Oxfam shops and teams  – don your charity shops finds with pride. There’s nothing more I love than getting asked: “Where did you get that from?” and of course the response always is: ” It’s Oxfam, darling!”

oxfam darling

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