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This is England – top five 90s style tips

This is England is soon to hit our screens again – and this time at the start of the 90s.

I’m a massive fan of the film/series, which follows a group of friends growing up in the Midlands in the 80s. It’s hard hitting covering story lines to do with sex, race and youth. The group have now arrived in the early 90s and from the trailer for the series it looks like a rave filled, MADchester wonder and I’m sure we’ll be in store for a 90s style revival.

When you think of 90s style, what do you conjour up? Can you even call it ‘vintage’?

My top five 90s style ideas would be:

1) Dungarees. My favourite pair growing up was red and checkered and of course you had to wear one strap down. Now a staple of festival goers of all ages but I can never understand the logic when you’re using portable toilets in a field…. I’ve just logged on to Topshop’s website and the leading image is dungarees. It’s happening…

2) Crop tops. We probably have Clueless to thank for this. They’ve made a resurgence for S/S 15 as seen on the catwalks of Wang and Phillip Lim. However, unless you’ve been hitting the gym all year, you might want to give this one a miss. I found this tie dyed piece below on Beyond Retro’s website.

3) Shirt tied around your waist. Rolling along from grunge and a way to add some casual flair to your outfit, having a shirt tied around your waist/hips can add a 90s feel. I found this multi-coloured denim shirt below, which would be great for a Summer day out.

4) High waisted jeans. A nod to the 70s but for the 90s look a more boot cut style is where to go. Again, another key trend for S/S 15 and a very easy one to pull off. This article from Lisa Armstrong in the Telegraph advises high waisted and dark jeans are a go-to office look this year.

5) Chockers. Own up, you had one didn’t you? I personally wouldn’t wear one today but when I was younger I had a small collection from the best shop ever, Claire’s. I felt so grown up accessorising my outfit.

Here are some 90s bits and pieces I’ve found online from Beyond Retro, Rokit Vintage and Polyvore.



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