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Emmaus Oxford – new charity shop update

I’ve been with Emmaus Oxford for just under six months now and things are really starting to ramp up with the development of our new shop. The shop will be on Barns Road in Cowley replacing our current superstore in Marston.

I’ve also purchased half the shop in this time and think my house could be used as the Emmaus Oxford show room. Here’s my latest purchase – a cool new sofa.

Charity shop furniture

We started saving wood in the shop to make our new customer service desk and I got to go and visit the build of our new shop last week.

Emmaus Oxford charity shop

Emmaus oxford charity shop

I also got to visit the roof terrace that sits above the flats on top of the shop. If only it was Emmaus Oxfords’!

Emmaus Oxford

Emmaus Oxford

And an other exciting Emmaus buy lately has included this duck phone – amazing! It doesn’t work unfortunately but I just loved it.

Emmaus Oxford duck phone

Charity shop oxford


  1. I love your sofa!

  2. Smashing finds – that sofa looks pretty much brand new and I LOVE that kitsch duck phone!

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