Top three walking spots in Oxford

Oxford is such a beautiful place to live and there are plenty of places to spend a Saturday walking.

CS Lewis Nature Reserve

A tucked away spot in Risinghurst, you can walk to CS Lewis’ house and then venture to this peaceful woodland. There is a pond surrounded by beautiful trees and greenery as well as a huge hill at the back that you can climb. (well it was huge to me, anyway!)

There are some beautiful houses on the way up – I loved this front door (pic below). It was quiet, tranquil and we also paid a visit to CS Lewis’ grave on this trip, as it’s all in walking distance.

Shotover Country Park

In Headington you can find Shotover Country Park – a short bus/car journey from the city centre. We walked from the above nature reserve but it’s not too hard to get there. The views span across the whole of Oxford or you can do what I did and just lie down in the field! Bringing the festival Summer vibes…

“If you go down to the woods today” The trails you can follow are varied and there are totem poles to lead the way. Or if you’re brave, go rouge and just get lost for a while. There are no near shops/pubs so make sure you take some food and drink in case you do get lost. Ben and I ended up with a sip of water left after we got *ahen* slightly off the beaten track. We got lost. Not gonna lie.

We must have been there a good hour and a half but you really could spend all day there, bring some games, some music and if the sunshine stays put – you’d be on for a winner.

Long bridges

This is probably my favourite place to go – especially as it’s about 10 minutes from my house.

It’s just off Donnington Bridge, off Iffley Road. You can walk right along the river from the city centre / Iffley Lock and then turn a corner to find a beautiful reserve, grass and river to just chill by.

It’s the perfect pick-nick spot and is so peaceful and quiet.You can walk through the green and try to spot the wildlife, swim in the river or just get a book and blanket and you’re sorted.

I love the adventures Oxford brings – let me know any places that are like the above.

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