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Top three vintage party dresses

Over the next few weeks and months, the Christmas season will be in full swing. Which means parties, outfits and fun. Here’s my top three Christmas party dresses with a black theme.

Oxfam Online Shop

This is a velvet dress with a sweetheart shape. It’s a adorned with sequins and cording for a bit of glamour. One to wear high heels and some sparkly jewellery.

vintage oxford


Rokit Vintage

Another black pieces but I love that this could be dressed up or down. Flats for after work or jewelled necklace and heels for a night out.

Vintage Oxford

Beyond Retro

A beaded party dress full of sequins and sparkle. It’s a black number to go with the theme but has an extra special twist with the colour.

Vintage Oxford


  1. Stuart Gough

    Your blog is an inspiration Kelly. I have been looking at your various articles this and last evening in preparation for a visit to Oxford tomorrow 3rd January. I am visiting for the Oxford Real Farming Conference on Thursday and Friday, so have only Wednesday afternoon to follow my vintage clothing passion; your site is a great help to ensure I find the right places without wasting time tramping the streets hoping I will find what I want. I live in Ipswich, Suffolk and we have no vintage clothing shop here, at least not for men. 38 charity shops though. I have visited Paris twice in the last twelve months and found some astounding bargains. I will be sending a link to your blog to my good friend Elene Marsden, Elene produces the Pre Loved Chica You Tube show, so expect a call from Elene sometime to have a chat on her show; I have been on the show three times.
    Thanks for your wonderful site.
    Stuart Gough

    1. kellyoc6

      Thanks Stuart – so kind of you to say. Kelly

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