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Vintage Shop Snoop: Unicorn in Oxford (revisited)

Down a beautiful Oxford street lies a vintage shop. In that vintage shop lies rails and rails of clothes. And in the rails of clothes lie plenty of gems.

Unicorn vintage oxford

I featured Unicorn on my blog a few years ago and it’s still the most popular post so I thought I’d take another visit and see if I could get some better pictures. I feel like this shop has taken on some sort of mystic legend in the vintage world, as how it stays open in Oxford City Centre and in the most expensive place to live in the UK is, well… astounding.

Unicorn vintage oxford

Eva was in her usual spot pulling mounds and mounds of clothes out the back. I asked how she started the shop and she said that she and her friend started it 40 years ago but now it’s just her. I asked where she gets all of her stock from and she said students – buying and selling their items. She moves too fast to get a photo… but she did let me snap in her shop 🙂

Unicorn vintage oxford

You really have to love vintage to route through the rails. Think I’ve said this before but it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. The rails are jam-packed and she seems to like to hang two-three items of one hanger. Here’s a little video I recorded in the shop.

Between the rails there were a few items that stood out. There were lots of lovely dresses in there but they were so entangled on the hangers, I couldn’t get them off!

Visit Unicorn if you’re ever in Oxford. It’s on Ship Street just off the main shops on Cornmarket. Of all the Oxford vintage shops – this is certainly not one to miss out!


  1. Carol Edwards

    Not sure what the appeal is here..the clothes look rather dreadful and the place looks like it needs to be fumigated! I shudder to think what’s living in the corners..and I thought our Goodwill shop in the states was dreadful…oh well, I guess something got lost in translation. Carol

    1. kellyoc6

      Hi Carol, This is an exception to what most UK vintage/ charity shops look like. I think it’s the feeling that you might find a gem in the middle of the crazyness. Each to their own and that’s why shopping online can be great as well to filter through stuff nice and easily 🙂

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