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Lem Lem: Annie Sloan and Oxfam’s new colour

The colour of hope is here! Annie Sloan has teamed up with Oxfam to launch a new paint colour, Lem Lem. Proceeds from each sale of the paint will be supporting Oxfam’s work fighting poverty.

Annie visited some of Oxfam’s programmes out in Ethiopia – it’s emergency response work in the North of the country and a project in the South where Oxfam is working with women to become onion farmers. Her visit was the inspiration behind the new colour.

Annie said: “The colour that I’ve created was inspired by the feeling that came away with me. It was there as the plane left the tarmac of Addis Ababa airport and has stayed with me here in Oxford after all these months. I saw it on the faces of the many wonderful people, and felt it throughout my stay in this rich, vivid and vibrant country: hope.

The colour that came with this feeling came from the beautiful soft green of fields of alliums grown by women farmers at Oxfam’s Seed Project. This project, just like this colour, represented hope. I’ve named the colour ‘Lem Lem’, which is an Amharic word that I heard people using when talking about the fields of crops. It means to flourish or bloom, and felt like the perfect name for this colour.”

Mini disclaimer in that I’ve been involved with this fantastic project through my job with Oxfam and it’s been so exciting seeing it come to life. I went to the Oxford launch party for the paint at the Annie Sloan shop on Cowley Road and this weekend used the colour to create a vivid new plant pot.

The Oxford shop was buzzing with some Ethiopian jazz playing (and free brownies!). The window of the shop is lem lem-d up with some fab drawings of the alliums mentioned above. I risked a pic in the middle of the road before the bikes and buses whizzed past!

You can get a pot of the paint – and support Oxfam – from any of Annie’s stockists. Find your local shop, here.

I was so delighted to get this beautiful box with a pot of the colour, wax, paint brush and plant pot to get creative. There was also some of the allium seeds to plant as well 🙂

At the Oxford party I picked up a mini succulent at the Annie Sloan shop and decided to give it a new home in my painted pot.

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