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Vintage Oxford: 30th birthday

Recently, it was my 30th birthday. I dragged the celebrations out as long as possible and even a colleague in work said they’d probably seen more Facebook posts about my birthday, than the World Cup ha ha!

When you’re little, 30 seems so old – but I’m excited to enter this new and exciting decade of my life. It’s also mad to think I’ve spent more of my twenties down south than in my home in Liverpool.

I had my unofficial birthday in work a few days before. We have a tradition called ‘cakes & staring’, where basically you eat cake, say happy birthday and then stare. I don’t do cakes so my wonderful team did sausage rolls and staring with diet coke in glass bottle (my favourite drink).

My desk was decorated with balloons and bunting and I wore a little party hat all day. I never thought a small paper hat would bring so much joy to the office – but people loved it!

After work, I had some drinks in the Marsh Harrier. They kindly let me have a section of the outside garden to decorate. I love the garden in the Marsh, it’s like being in someone’s house as it’s homely and spacious. We had food, fun and quite a fair few bottle of prosecco….

It was the best work birthday I could ask for.

I then traveled on up to Liverpool for my official birthday. I had a BBQ on the Sunday with all my close family and friends. My Mum was up the wall putting decorations up and sorting the BBQ marinades. My boyfriend Ben said he felt like he was on Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares with my Mum bossing him about over the BBQ 😉

It was so lovely to have all my fav people in one place; with lots of soul music on, drinking and eating in the sun. I got some fab presents and now have a very topped up gin and wine bar ready to see me through till my next Birthday.

I then (yes, it continued…) had a fab late afternoon out with my best gal and her husband in Liverpool. We went for cocktails in the Panoramic, which is a restaurant/bar with an amazing view of Liverpool. We then went for some tasty food in Mowgli and then back to her Mum’s house for some drinks (and the England match – which we won!)

Then my final event was a trip to Barcelona. Our hotel was amazing (Hotel Pulitzer), we stayed just off the top of Las Ramblas. It was very fancy and had a fab rooftop bar & terrace. The first night we had some food and drink in a local bar and then got an early night, ready for a packed day.

Day one, we headed down Las Ramblas and went to the market. We picked up some ham and cheese and I was instagram-ing the crap out of it ha! Poor Ben was the best instagram boyfriend 😉

We then headed down to the Picasso Museum and the cathedral. After some culture we went to the beach and had a few beers and a swim in the sea.

That evening we headed to a restaurant recommended by my friend who used to live there. We also had a stroll around all the shops – so many dresses and house plants. We ordered soooooo much food. Some Americans eating by us were slightly disgusted I think, ha ha ha. It was so tasty and a bottle of wine later we strolled home (I say stroll, it was more like we rolled home!).

The next day we went to the fabulous Sagrada Familia. This Gaudi designed church was beautiful and we did a walking tour around the site. Apparently, it’s only due to actually be finished in 2026 and this will be 100 years since Gaudi died. We also had breakfast in Picasso’s fav cafe.

After this went and got a bit of tapas and then made our way to Camp Nou, so Ben could see the Barcelona football stadium. Not going to lie, I sat outside with a sangria but he enjoyed it.

We nipped home, had a shower and a quick change and then got the metro to Parque Guell. These beautiful gardens were a highlight from the grounds to the buildings. As we went early evening you could see the sun start to set and the lights of Barcelona come alive.

We came back to hotel and went for a few drinks on the rooftop bar. The next day we had breakfast in the hotel’s beautiful greenhouse before sadly coming home.

I had the best week of my life – my Mum, Boyfriend, friends and colleagues made it so special. I really wish my Dad could have been with me (he passed away a few years ago) but I know he would have loved everything I had planned and I defo had a drink or seven in memory of him as well.

The weather has been just as hot here as it was in Barcelona. My garden is so overgrown but it’s too hot to start cutting it down. Back to reality doing my washing and cleaning the house but I certainly made the most of it and I’m looking forward to what the next decade brings for me.

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